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Roman Selskiy and Margit Reich. Paris. 1925
A group of students from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art. 1947
In the Carpathians. From left to right in the foreground: Karlo Zvirynskyi, Roman Selskiy, Margit Selska. Late 1950s
In the open air in Dzembronia. From left to right: Oksana Rybotytska, Petro Markovych, Roman Selskiy, Andrii and Karlo Zvirynskyi, Teofiliia Linynska, Yosyf and Zenoviia Zvirynskyi, Margit Selska. 1967
In the Carpathians. Roman Selskiy in a hat is standing in the centre, Teofiliia Linynska, a wife of Karlo Zvirynskyi, is standing in front of him. 1960s
Roman Selskiy, Margit Selska and Karlo Zvirynskyi in Dzembronia. Early 1960s
Roman Selskiy with his wife Margit Selska. 1970s
Roman Selskiy. 1980s
Roman Selskiy. 1980s
Roman Selskiy and Karlo Zvirynskyi in Roman Selskiy’s studio. Photo by Volodymyr Pankiv
Karlo Zvirynskyi and Roman Selskiy in the open air in the Carpathians. 1960s
Roman Selskiy in the Carpathians